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The illustrious legacy of Jesuit education which started over four-and-a-half centuries ago continues even today. Jesuit educational institutions are large in number and they tell a story of great achievements. India is a case in point. In India, the Jesuits manage hundreds of secondary schools, higher secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

This story is repeated in other countries as well, especially in countries of Europe and the Americas. Together, they tell the story of the extent and quality of Jesuit education. This accomplishment was possible because Jesuits following their founder seeks what the Latin word magis stands for, i.e. seeking what is the greatest and the best in every field.


Prayer is powerful! It fills the earth with mercy, it makes the Divine clemency pass from generation to generation; right along the course of the centuries wonderful …

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St. Ignatius is a model of passion for us. So many world religions involve the removal of desires or emotions and the ignoring of personal experience. 

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To be a centre of excellence that provides a transformative technical education to create leaders and innovators, and creates new knowledge for society and industry.

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The core values adopted by the Institute as eternal principles are Innovation, Integrity, and Inclusion along with the Excellence, Responsibility and Holistic Approach.

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Take a tour in Xavier Institute of Management & Informatics, Jaipur and you will find the best College in the state. The video will take you to every places in this College.

Self Development

Why Choose XIMI?

Throughout its great history, Jesuits Institutions have offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a leading icon in school and higher education at the National and International level, the Jesuits Educational Network has now expanded its horizon in Jaipur, Rajasthan with the commencement of Xavier Institute of Management and Informatics, Jaipur. The Institution is set up with the support of Jaipur Xavier Educational Association and St Xavier’s College, Jaipur College Management.

Self Development

The Xavier Institute of Management and Informatics, Jaipur encourages students to enhance their managerial, and technical skills through enrolment in various student-oriented co-curricular and extracurricular activities based on students’ clubs and committees.


St. Ignatius, being our founder, is a model of passion for us. So many world religions involve the removal of desires or emotions and the ignoring of personal experience. It’s easy to fall into this trap by thinking that spirituality is about getting rid of the bodily dimension of our existence. But for St. Ignatius and the Catholic tradition God took on human nature in Jesus and by doing so affirmed all that is authentically human. In fact, throughout the gospels Jesus invites us to tell him our desires: “What are you seeking? (Jn 1:38),” “What do you want me to do for you? (Mk 10:51),” “Do you want to be well? (Jn 5:6).” So, with the help of St. Ignatius, let us tell God what we desire for Him to do for us. It doesn’t need to be “religious”, just honest.


Xavier Institute of Management and Informatics, Jaipur claims to be an ambitious institution that believes in shaping its students with the help of its successful, compassionate and committed Alumni who graduated from the Jesuits Institutions of the city. Our stalwart St Xavier’s School and St Xavier’s College alumni members have reached the zenith of their respective careers and not a single profession left untouched by them. They have served the community, society, and nation to their truest potential and you could also get the directives of life from your revered seniors through the School and College Alumni Associations.


The Institution is founded with the aim of disseminating the Innovative essence among the aspiring


we aim to converge the individuals towards the quality of being authentic, and holding up strong moral principles with the flame of Integrity.


The Institution believes in inclusion of all and provides fully integrated exposure to the individuals from all backgrounds, caste and creed.

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